Girls’ Report

How young women want to change the juvenile justice system. Girls’ Report

Wonder of a Woman

A movie made for, by and about young women in Connecticut.

An Assessment of Connecticut Juvenile Justice System Decision Making by Gender

An overview of girls in Connecticut’s juvenile justice system – information including referrals to FWSN and court, admissions to detention, delinquency commitments to DCF (including which court districts most frequently commit and how many girls are placed out of state), prevalence of psychiatric disorders and trauma history, and average age upon commitment and release.

Developmental Sequences of Girls’ Behavior

OJJDP Girls Study Group, 2013. A research-based look at the developmental pathways to delinquency in girls. LINK TO PDF

Center for Children’s Advocacy Report: Las Niñas Silenciadas

Demographic trends clearly indicate that Latinas are the fastest growing segment of our population. However, their struggle with the multi-faceted issue of truancy has hindered their academic potential. Obstacles to school achievement that play a critical role in the emergence of truant behavior for this population must be addressed. This report, released by the Center for Children’s Advocacy, is the second of a series. PDF, 64 KB

A System of Services for Girls in Connecticut

The landscape of Connecticut girls’ services is much like the girls themselves: extraordinary strengths coupled with widespread, seemingly insurmountable challenges. PDF, 695 KB

Detention Reform and Girls: Challenges and Solutions

The report details new finding about girls involved in the juvenile justice system. In particular, Professor Sherman discovered that: domestic violence often leads to girls being detained; and girls are chronically returned to detention for technical violations, whereas boys are more likely to be returned on a new offense. PDF, 818 KB

OCA Report – From Trauma to Tragedy:
CT Girls in Adult Prison, July 2008

Over the past two years, the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) conducted weekly site visits, monitored case conferences, and met extensively with DCF and DOC leadership to examine the conditions at York Correctional Institution (YCI), Connecticut’s only prison for adult women. During this time, nearly 250 girls ages 15-18 who were tried in the adult criminal system spent time at this maximum-security prison. PDF, 3.5 MB

Systemic Factors Influencing Increase
in Girls in Juvenile Justice System

A new study of girls in Florida’s juvenile justice system shows that a series of systemic factors influence the rising number of girls entering and cycling through the system. The study, conducted by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, offers a series of recommendations for improving treatment of girls and reversing the escalating number of girls entering the system. PDF, 1 MB

Point-in-time CT Out-of-State (DCF) Juvenile Justice Residential Placements by Gender. PDF, 66 kB

Total Annual FWSN Referrals by Gender 2005-08. PDF, 74 kB

Total Annual Admissions to Detention by Gender 2005-08. PDF, 61 kB

Total Annual Delinquency Referrals to Court by Gender 2005-08. PDF, 74 kB

Juvenile Delinquency Commitments to DCF Total v. Girls 2003-08. PDF, 90 kB

Average Age of Girls at Delinquency Commitment and Release 2003-08. PDF, 66 kB

Percent of DCF / Parole Girls with Diagnosed Trauma Disorders. PDF, 57 kB

Percentage of DCF / Parole Girls with More Than One Diagnosed Psychological Disorder. PDF, 49 kB