Justice Advisors

The Justice Advisors are a team of five young and ambitious individuals who have a passion for amplifying the voices of youth in their communities.  Each advisor has direct connections to their neighborhoods because of their heavy presence in grassroots organizing and working with youth, families, and communities.  Each Justice Advisor has first or secondhand experience with the criminal or juvenile justice system.

The Justice Advisors are in the process of developing their organizing and advocacy skills and learning about public policy so they can be effective voices influencing how the juvenile justice system is planned, implemented and evaluated.  The Justice Advisors are not relying solely on their own experiences.  They are partnering with other organizations to lend a listening ear to young people and family members who have gone or are going through the system so that their voices are amplified and listened to from the legislature  in Hartford to community meetings.

Currently, the Justice Advisors are most active in Bridgeport as their movement is just getting started.  The goal is to have Justice Advisors working, listening, and amplifying across the state.

The Justice Advisors are paid for their time spent working with the Alliance and are able to take advantage of professional development opportunities as well as travel the country to meet with other cohorts of young people who are working to transform the juvenile justice system. The Justice Advisors have an active role in influencing the Alliance’s policy and advocacy agenda and work in partnership with CTJJA staff.

Our current team of exemplary Justice Advisors: Aquil Crooks, Shamare Holmes, Shaneese Pettway, Iliana Pujols, and Yancy Singleton.