Good reentry programs keep kids on the right track. Without these programs, no system can succeed.

Pathways to Desistance

NJJN study on what happens to high-need youth years out from conviction. PDF, 377 KB

Supporting Youth in Transition to Adulthood:
Lessons Learned from Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

This paper, published by the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown and the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, discusses the successes and challenges that juvenile justice and child welfare agencies face in preparing the youth they serve for a successful adulthood. It also highlights organizational and legislative changes that have positioned these agencies to provide effective and appropriate services to older youth and their families. website

Addressing Collateral Consequences of Convictions for Young Offenders

A comprehensive discussion of the impact of a conviction for young people who break the law. This includes bans on accessing education, housing, and public benefits, as well as placement on various community notification registries. pdf, 569 kb

The Dimensions, Pathways and Consequences of Youth Reentry

Youth Reentry publication prepared by the Urban Institute. The nonpartisan Urban Institute publishes studies, reports, and books on timely topics worthy of public consideration. web site