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Report on 10 years of Reform in CT

Tow Foundation Report on Juvenile Justice Reform in Connecticut (short version) PDF, 184 KB

Safe and Sound

This Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance report analyzes a decade of data to demonstrate how juvenile justice reform in the state was accompanied by a decrease in juvenile crime, violent crime and recidivism. By holding youth accountable through community based programs and using expensive alternatives, such as incarceration, sparingly, reforms have saved the state money as well. PDF, 578 KB

Family With Service Needs (FWSN) Protocol

The joint FWSN protocol between the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch and the Department of Children & Families. The protocol provides effective diversion from the juvenile justice system and provides speedy and complete access to necessary services. PDF, 3.33 MB

Joint Juvenile Justice Strategic Plan –
Results Based Accountability Version

The Connecticut Juvenile Justice Strategic Plan: Moving from Plan to ActionMS Word, 659 KB

Joint Juvenile Justice Strategic Plan – Narrative

The Connecticut Juvenile Justice Strategic Plan: Building Toward a Better FuturePDF, 186.8 KB