The mission of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance is to stop the criminalization of Connecticut’s children and youth.

The organization’s goals are to bring about these outcomes:

  • Fewer children will enter the system.
  • The justice system will treat all children fairly and effectively.
  • CTJJA will be sustainable.

The Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance accomplishes its mission by serving as a catalyst for systems reform. The Alliance employs the following strategies in pursuit of its mission:

  • Legislative education and advocacy
  • Strategic communications
  • Community organizing
  • National, state, and local partnerships

The Alliance was launched in November 2001 as a collaborative of several Connecticut organizations, including RYASAP, the Center for Children’s Advocacy, and Connecticut Voices for Children.

Check the Issues section for in depth information about current initiatives. Some recent successes the Alliance worked for include:

  • Raise the Age legislation passed in 2007
  • Reformed Family With Service Needs system

Download this PDF file to learn more about who the Alliance works for and why.