Steering Committee

The CTJJA Steering Committee is responsible for setting the priorities of the Alliance, monitoring progress toward achieving the goals in the strategic plan and setting policies for the organization. The current members of the Steering Committee are:

Bob Francis, RYASAP (Co-Chair)
Doreen Thompson, Community Partners in Action (Co-Chair)
Erica Bromley, Connecticut Youth Services Association
Sarah Eagan, Office of the Child Advocate
Hector Glynn, The Village for Families and Children
Marisa Halm, Center for Children’s Advocacy
Dawn Hatchett, LifeBridge Community Services
Jo Hawke, FAVOR
Edie Joseph, Connecticut Voices for Children
Susan Kelley, NAMI Connecticut
Robin McHaelen, True Colors
Cyd Oppenheimer, Connecticut Voices for Children
Heather Panciera, Office of the Child Advocate
Maureen Price-Boreland, Community Partners in Action
Christine Rapillo, Office of the Chief Public Defender
Agata Raszczyk-Lawska, Connecticut Legal Services
Dan Rezende, Connecticut Junior Republic
Ellen Shemitz, Connecticut Voices for Children
Ann Smith, AFCAMP
Martha Stone, Center for Children’s Advocacy
Jeffrey Vanderploeg, Child Health and Development Institute