CTJJA in the News

ED Abby Anderson says budget cuts threaten JJ reforms

CT News Junkie, June 14, 2016WEBSITE

Alliance Makes Strong Case for Second Chance

CT News Junkie, May 31, 2016WEBSITE

Deputy Director Lara Herscovitch talks about the overuse of arrests in schools

New Haven Register, March 26, 2016WEBSITE

Poll Finds Support For Juvenile Justice Reform

CT News Junkie, March 9, 2016WEBSITE

CTJJA explains why Gov. Malloy’s plan to raise the age to 21 makes sense

Wall Street Journal, January 4, 2016WEBSITE

ED Abby Anderson on why incarceration is wrong for kids with drug problems

Connecticut Mirror, December 29, 2015WEBSITE

Training School to Close in 2018

Connecticut News Junkie, December 11, 2015WEBSITE

Gov. Malloy suggests treating more young offenders as juveniles

WSHU, November 9, 2015WEBSITE

CTJJA says past experience shows CT can raise the age to 21

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, November 6, 2015WEBSITE

Juvenile prisons don't work, no matter who staffs them

Norwich Bulletin, letter to the editor
from ED Abby Anderson, September 30, 2015

Walker says what happens inside CJTS would be considered abuse if parents did it

Yale Daily News, September 18, 2015WEBSITE

CTJJA won't take on faith that CJTS is improving

Connecticut Mirror, September 17, 2015WEBSITE

CTJJA and partner groups support video release, reiterate call to close CJTS

Connecticut Mirror, September 15, 2015WEBSITE

Acting Director Lara Herscovitch tells legislators that it’s time to close the training school

Multiple news outlets, August 24, 2015
Connecticut News Junkie | Connecticut Mirror | Hartford Courant

Juvenile Justice Advocates Call for Closure of DCF’s Locked Facilities

Connecticut News Junkie, August 12, 2015WEBSITE

Alliance co-chair Robert Francis talks about the high rates of trauma among Connecticut’s incarcerated children

WNPR, August 12, 2015WEBSITE

Advocacy Group: Locked Units For Boys And Girls In Middletown Should Close

Hartford Courant, August 11, 2015WEBSITE

Youth prisons don’t work. Connecticut Juvenile Training School, Pueblo Unit for girls must close

CTNews.com, August 11, 2015WEBSITE

In wake of Child Advocate’s report, Alliance calls for the closing of CJTS

Hartford Courant, July 28, 2015WEBSITE

CTJJA Co-chair Bob Francis says that juvenile prison is no place for traumatized kids

Connecticut Mirror, July 23, 2015WEBSITE

Executive Director Abby Anderson on why Jane Doe never belonged in adult prison

Hartford Courant, June 8, 2015WEBSITE

Executive Director Abby Anderson supports Judicial Branch's work in juvenile justice

New Haven Register, April 27, 2015WEBSITE

Coalition for Juvenile Justice highlights Color of Justice

Coalition for Juvenile Justice, April 17, 2015BLOG

Courant reports on Color of Justice forum. ‘Children of color do the same things their white peers do, but are treated more harshly’

Hartford Courant, April 13, 2015WEBSITE

Exec. Dir. Abby Anderson questions the need for juvenile incarceration

Connecticut Mirror, March 4, 2015WEBSITE

Our exec. dir. and Steering Committee members call on CT to unchain the children

Connecticut Law Tribune, February 17, 2015WEBSITE

“Shackling is a humiliating and potentially harmful practice”: Exec. Dir. Abby Anderson in the Hartford Courant

Hartford Courant, February 2, 2015WEBSITE

Exec. Dir. Abby Anderson talks with the Connecticut Mirror about the need to address trauma before kids get caught up in the juvenile justice system

Connecticut Mirror, January 23, 2015WEBSITE

Executive Director Abby Anderson explains how DCF policy changes leave neediest kids out

Hartford Courant, May 23, 2014WEBSITE

Mother Jones’s coverage of Jane Doe: CTJJA explains how this tragic situation highlights systemic problems

Mother Jones, May 23, 2014 WEBSITE

Alliance calls for more DCF oversight in wake of transfer of girl to adult prison

CT Mirror, April 15, 2014WEBSITE

Deputy Director Lara Herscovitch speaks out against New Britain High School holding room

New Britain Herald, April 13, 2014WEBSITE

New Haven Register editorial against “Knockout Game” law cites Alliance testimony

New Haven Register, March 20, 2014WEBSITE

Did raising the age bring down CT’s crime rate?

Connecticut Post, March 9, 2014WEBSITE

Is Connecticut turning away from juvenile justice reform?

Hartford Courant, March, 4, 2014WEBSITE

Executive Director Abby Anderson on the factors that catch kids up in the juvenile justice system

Connecticut News Junkie, November 26, 2013WEBSITE

Race, kids and a path to change

Connecticut Mirror, November 13, 2013WEBSITE

Arrests in schools becoming far too common

Hartford Courant WEBSITE

State cuts number of kids in juvenile jail

Hartford Courant WEBSITE

What’s working in juvenile justice, what’s not and why

Executive Director Abby Anderson WEBSITE

Connecticut towns cut student arrests
without compromising safety

By Abby Anderson on Reclaiming Futures WEBSITE

Friends of the Alliance on national panel
to help fix school discipline

Yale Daily News, October 22, 2012 WEBSITE

How Raise the Age and other reforms are affecting Connecticut

WNPR radio, July 2012

Abby Anderson joins a panel on WNPR to discuss the effects of recent reforms. WEBSITE

Stemming the tide of school-based arrests

Hartford Courant, January 2012

CTJJA Executive Director Abby Anderson writes in The Courant about stemming the tide of school-based arrests. WEBSITE

Juvenile justice legislative victories

FoxCT, July 2011

Abby Anderson appears on FoxCT talking about recent legislative victories and what they mean for juvenile justice. STREAMING MOVIE

Effective school and police partnerships

CT-N, October 2010

CT-N OnDemand: Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance forum on building effective school and police partnerships to reduce in-school arrests. STREAMING MOVIE

Slamming the door on at-risk youth, families

The Hartford Courant, July 1, 2009

Martha Stone, executive director at the Center for Children’s Advocacy, discusses the negative consequences of Governor Rell’s proposal to eliminate DCF Voluntary Services for new children and families. PDF, 19.1 KB

Cablevision editorial reply: Don’t delay raising the age

Cablevision, March 2009

CTJJA Executive Director Abby Anderson responds to a Cablevision editorial on delaying Raise the Age. WMV MOVIE, 5.5 MB

Criminalizing Kids: Op-Ed on the Effects
of Zero-Tolerance Policies in Schools

The Hartford Courant, June 15, 2008

Abby Anderson discusses how zero-tolerance policies in schools push “problem children” into the school-to-prison pipeline in her Hartford Courant op-ed. PDF, 45.8 KB

CT Post: Juvenile Justice System Changes Outlined

Connecticut Post, June 13, 2008

Amanda Cuda reports on the discussion panel on the Raise the Age legislation that included DCF Deputy Director Floyd Blair, Judge Christine E. Keller, Rep. Toni E. Walker, and Office of Policy and Management Secretary Robert Genuario at the daylong conference “Leading Change: Rethinking Juvenile Justice” on June 12, 2008. PDF, 88.3 KB

Press Conference with Congressman Murphy

NBC 30, March 4, 2008

View coverage of U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy introducing his Juvenile Justice Improvement Act of 2008 with state Sen. Toni Harp, state Rep. Toni Walker and CTJJA Executive Director Abby Anderson. Murphy’s plan will make national juvenile justice improvements similar to recent reforms in Connecticut. WMV MOVIE, 1.4 MB

NPR Story Highlights Missouri Juvenile Justice

Missouri sees teen offenders as kids, not inmates. All Things Considered, October 30, 2007. WEBSITE

Age Raised

New Haven Independent, July 9, 2007

New Haven Independent reports on state Rep. Toni Walker, one of the lead legislative champions of the “Raise the Age” bill. MS WORD, 83.5 KB

Assembly Operates in its Own Unique Way

New Haven Register, July 2, 2007

This article looks out how Connecticut’s legislature eventually worked out a budget compromise that everyone could agree on, and equates Raise the Age with “being on the side of angels.”MS WORD, 26.5 KB

Teen’s Prison Suicide Draws Outrage

Hartford Courant, July 26, 2005

As Probes Begin, Advocates Contend Again: Youths Don’t Belong In Adult System. PDF, 49.8 KB

Youth offenders get new option

The Stamford Advocate, June 19, 2005

This article announces the creation a new Juvenile Review Board for Stamford, designed to keep first-time and low-level juvenile offenders out of court. PDF, 289 KB

Report: Don’t Jail Teens with Adults

The New Haven Register, March 15, 2005

The Washington, D.C.-based Coalition for Juvenile Justice, in a study titled “Childhood on Trial: The Failure of Trying and Sentencing Youth in Adult Criminal Court,” said “adult time for adult crime” policies have failed. The Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance was one of the organizations asked to participate in the release of the report in Boston and provide comment on trying and sentencing youth as adults. PDF, 25.8 KB

Redefining Juvenile Criminals

Reprinted from The New York Times